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You, Inc. : Becoming a Solopreneur

You, Inc. : Becoming a Solopreneur

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This WebBook is not for everyone, but neither is being an entrepreneur.  

This WebBook is set up for students to learn about starting their own business right now. And taking advantage of technology to do it. You could even call it The Digital Entrepreneur.

This is not a "follow from the beginning to the end" WebBook like our other resources.  There are a lot of options, and you may decide what to cover based on the interests of your students.  And you may even have different students cover different sections--depending on how brave you are!

If this sounds like your style, take advantage of the low price for a lifetime site license!

Here is what they will learn from You, Inc. Becoming a Solopreneur:

How to come up with a great idea through a structured brainstorming process
How to verify and test ideas
How to find and/or create products, including digital products
How to start a business with just a few dollars
How to launch a product online
and much more!
This WebBook also includes all the content from:
Shoestring Start-ups
Brainstorming the Million Dollar Idea
Bulletproof Branding
Of course, this WebBook will include assignments, links, articles, video, and additional resources for those students who want to dive deeper!