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MarketingNOW: Case Studies

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Our marketing case studies collection is perfect for any high school marketing course. Curated from real-world scenarios, the collection offers over 20 case studies to teach and engage students on the principles and strategies of marketing. Each case study provides an immersive learning experience, enabling students to apply marketing concepts in a practical setting.

Whether it's boosting social proof for e-commerce stores, building brand equity for local businesses, or crafting effective marketing strategies for different industries, these case studies provide students with the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, enhance their understanding of marketing principles, and gain practical insights into the ever-evolving world of marketing. Our collection covers a range of topics, from product positioning to sales funnels, and is a valuable resource for any teacher.

Added feature: Each case study includes several possible solutions and, when practical, an example of a completed assignment!
Equip your students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in marketing with our comprehensive collection of marketing case studies.
Case Study Titles:
  • Boldly Different- Positioning a New Energy Drink Brand in a Crowded Market
  • Boosting Sales- Optimizing the Sales Funnel for a Luxury Fashion Brand
  • Boosting Social Proof for an E-Commerce Store
  • Building Brand Equity for a Local Coffee Shop
  • ChocoDelight- Developing a New Chocolate Product Line
  • Cost Per Acquisition Optimization for StyleStation E-commerce Company
  • Crafting a Content Marketing Strategy for a Fitness Apparel Brand
  • Finding and Leveraging Competitive Advantage in the Coffee Industry
  • FreshFit- Customer Segmentation Challenge for a Healthy Fast Food Chain
  • GoGoGadget- Crafting an Effective Marketing Strategy for a Tech Start-up
  • Market Research for a New Sports Drink- The Case of PowerThirst
  • Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value- A Case Study of WellnessWorks
  • Revolutionary E-bike- Developing a Unique Selling Proposition
  • Rising Up- A Case Study on Influencer Marketing for a Fitness Brand
  • Sip & Savor- A Coffee Shop Promotion Challenge
  • Social Influence Marketing- Increasing Engagement through Influencers
  • SugarRush- Understanding Consumer Behavior in the Snack Industry
  • Sweet Temptations- A Case Study in Marketing Segmentation
  • The Best Sip- Marketing Mix Strategies for a New Beverage Company
  • The Case of FitGuru- Creating Customer Personas for a Fitness App
  • The Coffee Connection- Developing a Marketing Plan for a Local Coffee Shop
  • The Great Sneaker Heist- A Guerrilla Marketing Case Study
  • The Sweet Spot- A Dessert Shop Promotion Challenge
  • Viralizing Vibes- Marketing a New Social Media App