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You, Inc. : Becoming a Solopreneur

You, Inc. : Becoming a Solopreneur

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Fully online and perfect for teaching from the classroom--or anywhere else!  You, Inc: Becoming a Soloprenejur joins our growing selection of WebBooks developed specifically for high school marketing and business teachers.

Let's be honest, most of our students will not get their first taste of being an entrepreneur with a brick-and-mortar business financed by a venture capitalist. Chances are, today's high school students will begin their adventure by going it alone with an eCommerce site.

With a focus on becoming a Solopreneur, You, Inc. covers the start-up process (ideation, MVP, revenue models, etc.), both traditional and BMC business plans and financing, and starting and running a work from home (WFH) business.  Finish off with lessons on how to start, open, and run an eCommerce site.  What other class helps students earn cash while still in school?


  • Why You Need to Uncover Your Why
  • Discover Your Passions
  • Living On Purpose
  • Integrate Your Big "Why"
  • Next Steps


  • Ideation
  • Prototype
  • MVP and BETA
  • Business and Revenue Models
  • Business Plans
  • Branding Your Start-up
  • Pitch It
  • Funding

BUSINESS PLAN (Traditional)

  • Before You Start
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Overview
  • Market Analysis
  • Organization
  • Product and Services
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Financial Projections
  • Funding Request

BUSINESS PLAN (Business Model Canvas)

  • Introduction
  • Value Proposition
  • Customer Segments
  • Channels
  • Customer Relationships
  • Revenue Streams
  • Resources
  • Activities
  • Partnerships
  • Cost
  • Structure


  • Set Your Goals
  • Decide on Your Business
  • Set Up Your Financials
  • Set up Your Tech
  • Get Organized for Maximum Productivity
  • Craft Your Quick Start Marketing Plan
  • From WFY to Location Independent


  • Why Do You Want an Online Store
  • Define Your Target Market
  • Choose Your Niche
  • Find Your Product
  • Legality
  • Choose Your Platform and Branding
  • Setup Your Online Store
  • Attract Customers and Make Sales
  • Conclusion and Next Steps

Of course, this WebBook will include assignments, links, articles, videos, and additional resources for those students who want to dive deeper!