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Movie Marketing

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Welcome to our WebBook on movie marketing!

This resource will delve into the film industry's world, helping your students understand the industry's different components that impact movie marketing. They will explore how to identify and understand an audience and how to create effective marketing strategies that reach and resonate with them.

The resource will discuss the importance of movie distribution, including how to choose the right distribution channels and navigate the complexities of release windows. It will also cover the various marketing channels and tactics available to promote a movie, from traditional advertising to influencer marketing and social media.

Your students will learn about the key elements of a successful movie premiere, including how to plan and execute a memorable red carpet event and generate buzz and excitement leading up to the premiere.

Finally, it covers how to measure the success of a movie marketing campaign using metrics such as box office revenue, critical reception, and audience engagement. Throughout the resource, students will also create a comprehensive movie marketing plan that integrates these elements into a cohesive strategy.

This is perfect if you are looking for a unit on movie marketing to go with your SEM course or general marketing offering.  The content is sufficient for several weeks of class--or pick and choose what you need to meet your needs.

Here is a list of the sections/units:

  • The Film Industry
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Movie Distribution
  • Marketing a Movie
  • Movie Marketing Strategies
  • The Movie Premiere
  • Measuring Success
  • The Marketing Plan

To make the assignments realistic, I have provided three "fake" movie synopsis to use with your purchase's 15 assignments and activities.

Here is a list of assignments:

  • Analyzing Movie Distribution Strategies
  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis on a Movie
  • Create a Movie Poster to Promote a Film
  • Create a Series of Facebook Posts to Promote a Movie
  • Create a Series of Instagram Posts to Promote a Movie
  • Create Billboards to Promote a Film
  • Creating a Marketing Timeline
  • Creating a Press Kit for a Movie Release
  • Developing a Promotion Plan for a Movie Premiere
  • Developing a USP for a Movie
  • Location-Based Marketing in Movie Promotion
  • Measuring the Success of a Marketing Plan
  • Movie Media Pitch
  • Movie Swag Design Challenge
  • Publicity Stunt
  • Understanding the Target Audience for a Movie
  • Utilize an Influencer in Marketing a Movie Release
  • Write and Record a Radio Advertisement for a Movie Release