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General Marketing Collection-Lifetime Access

General Marketing Collection-Lifetime Access

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Let's get right to the point--this bundle contains EVERYTHING you will need to teach a general marketing class.  Buy once.  Use forever.  

The collection is based on our best-selling WebBook MarketingNOW--completely updated for the fall of 2024.

The focus is on those topics that form the foundation for studying marketing.  Here is a list of the chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Marketing
  • Chapter 2: Market Research
  • Chapter 3: Consumer Behavior
  • Chapter 4: Market Segmentation
  • Chapter 5: Targeting and Positioning
  • Chapter 6: Product Development
  • Chapter 7: Branding and Brand Equity
  • Chapter 8: Pricing Concepts and Strategies
  • Chapter 9: Channels of Distribution
  • Chapter 10: Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Chapter 11. Developing an IMC Plan
  • Chapter 12: Digital Marketing
  • Chapter 13: Social Media Marketing
  • Chapter 14: Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Chapter 15: Assessment and Future Trends

The contents of the WebBook include:

  • Introductory video for each section
  • Links to useful sites, articles, and videos
  • Discussion questions for each section
  • Review activities for each section
  • Interactive images that help students remember details
  • A seemingly unending collection of assignments, activities, case studies, and projects!

I have created several faux brands that can also be used for assignments.  This allows students to serve as brand managers for assignments throughout the course.  Several branded assets are included for use in marketing and promotion projects.

Additional resources in the collection allow for a deep dive into specific topics. These resources are listed below:

  • Use Psychographics to Understand Your Market
  • The Psychology of Marketing
  • The Service Edge: Keys to Customer Loyalty
  • The Ideal Customer Experience Journey
  • Sustainable Marketing: A New Era of Business*
  • Target Marketing Fundamentals
  • The Business of Good: A Guide to Cause Marketing*
  • Research Your Competitor
  • Promotion & Advertising Mega-Bundle
  • Profitable Pricing
  • How to Use the Power of Storytelling in Marketing
  • How to Create Your Marketing Plan
  • How to Keep Your Customers For Life
  • Developing an IMC
  • How To Attract Free Publicity
  • Gamification in Business
  • MarketingNOW: Case Studies
  • MarketingNOW: In-Class Activities
  • MarketingNOW: In-Depth Marketing Projects
  • Essential Soft Skills-Activities & Projects
  • Essential Soft Skills: In-Class Activities
  • Ice Breakers for Business Classes
  • Marketing Bell Ringers
  • Creating Your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing
  • Customer Onboarding-After the Sale
  • Customer Service, Support, and Experience
  • Cutting-Edge Customer Service
  • BRAND: How to Protect Your Business With a Competition-Killing Brand!
  • Branding 101 - Design and Market Your Brand

* These items are web-based, and each includes several assignments/activities.