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Digital Business Technology Course. A resource for high school marketing teachers. TheMarketingTeacher.

Digital Business Tech 101

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Empower Your Students for Success in a Tech-Driven World!

Are you tired of the same old technology courses that only focus on the same old technology? Do you want to equip your students with practical skills and knowledge that go beyond just software proficiency? Look no further! Digital Business Tech 101 is here to revolutionize how your students approach technology and content.

Unleash the Power of Technology:

Our cutting-edge course is not just another run-of-the-mill tech program. Digital Business Tech 101 offers a challenging assortment of activities and assignments that seamlessly integrate content and technology. From creating visual bookmarks and podcasts to mastering video editing and using QR codes effectively, your students will develop a wide range of skills to thrive in today's digital landscape.

Endless Learning Possibilities:

Digital Business Tech 101 will give teachers the flexibility to tailor the course to their students' interests and needs. With nearly all assignments incorporating essential business concepts such as careers, culture, telecommuting, and promotion, you can ensure your students grasp the practical application of technology in various real-world scenarios.

Customize to Inspire:

Worried that your students might lose interest in the course? Fear not! You can keep the learning experience fresh and engaging by modifying topics while retaining the technology components. Whether you want to focus on personal organization, research skills, or presentations, our course accommodates your preferences while upholding the technological backbone.

A Semester of Boundless Opportunities:

Digital Business Tech 101 is carefully designed to span an entire semester, providing comprehensive learning opportunities for your students. Delivered as a members-only website, it houses over 25 dynamic assignments and activities. The best part? We regularly update and add new content, making this a very valuable lifetime site license for you and your students.

No Technical Hurdles:

We understand the importance of accessibility and ease of use. That's why our course is built on browser-based programs, eliminating the need for downloads or special software. It's minimalistic yet powerful, allowing your students to focus on learning rather than technical complications.

Affordable and Flexible:

We believe in providing quality education without burdening you or your school's budget. With Digital Business Tech 101, you won't need to subscribe to expensive programs. Most assignments follow a freemium pricing structure, ensuring that basic functionality is accessible to all. 

Empower Your Students Today:

By incorporating Digital Business Tech 101 into your curriculum, you're not just teaching technology but empowering your students to become tech-savvy and well-prepared for the future. From mastering essential tools like Google Search, Extensions, and Calendar to learning about international business culture and marketing research through surveys, your students will have skills that transcend the classroom.

Are you ready to transform your students into tech-savvy, business-minded individuals? Embrace the future with Digital Business Tech 101 and give your students the tools they need to succeed in the digital age. Buy once, and enjoy a lifetime site license for unlimited students. Invest in their future today!

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