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Business Networkiong Skills. A resource for high school marketing teachers. TheMarketingTeacher.

Essential Business Networking Skills

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Want to Help Your Students Grow Their Business Network?

With Essential Business Networking Skills, you’ll get everything you need to help students develop the interpersonal skills and confidence to build valuable professional relationships.

Here's why you need to teach this topic...

There's a saying that "your network is your net worth." It's true!

If you have a professional network of contacts, you'll find it easier to change careers, find a mentor, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals. Your professional network also allows you to gain insights into your industry (or niche) that you never thought possible. And it is never too early to start!

Building a professional network takes confidence because it's a lifelong skill that never stops giving. Valuable, professional relationships are essential.  Not just as your students enter the career world, but right now, as they prepare for life after high school.

You will always lead a better and more fulfilled life with a robust, nurtured professional network.

Here's your students' Success Roadmap for 'Essential Business Networking Skills'...

Our ready-to-go program is divided into separate modules so it can be quickly broken up to deliver sections over time – to avoid overwhelm and give time for implementation.

Here's what you'll be teaching...

There are 4 modules in the course, with individual lessons, an introduction, and a concluding action plan. And as a bonus, I have included tests for each module.

Here's a summary of each module's learning outcomes:


You'll start with an overview of the course and what your students will learn so that everyone is excited to jump in and get going.

Module 1 - How Professional Networking Can Help You

We network every day, informally and quite naturally, through simple conversation and relationship-building. However, there are ways to increase networking opportunities to benefit your business or career and its growth.

In this first module, you'll help your students discover why professional networking is critical to business success and how self-knowledge can improve their networking ability.

Lesson 1: Why Network? - In Lesson 1, you'll help your students recognize the benefits of professional networking and establish targets and metrics that will motivate them to achieve networking success.
Lesson 2: Know Yourself - In Lesson 2, you'll show your students how to develop self-awareness around their networking attitudes and strengths, using these insights to improve their networking skills.


Module 2 - Develop Your Professional Networking Skills

Now that your students have set targets, they'll want to start tackling them. But before reaching out to people, they need to work on their communication skills and mindset.

In Module 2, you’ll have your students delve into their strengths and develop their key networking skills. They’ll also learn ways they can become more confident so that networking events will no longer be a source of stress.

Lesson 1: Interpersonal Networking Skills - In Lesson 1, you'll help your students develop the key interpersonal skills for effective networking that will foster engaging conversations that can lead to long-term, reciprocal relationships.
Lesson 2: Develop Your Confidence - In Lesson 2, you'll show your students how they can build their confidence levels so that they can introduce themselves in a way that sparks curiosity.


Module 3 - Plan and Follow-Up for Networking Success

Your students are prepared, confident, and ready to go. Now it's time to create a plan, so they get the most out of networking and the connections they make.

In Module 3, you’ll teach your students key ways to initiate one-on-one meetings, join networking groups, or even run their networking meetings. And, of course, they need to follow up with people afterward.

Lesson 1: One-On-One Networking Meetings - In Lesson 1, you'll walk through how to plan one-on-one networking meetings so that your students gain value from the interaction and start building a relationship.
Lesson 2: Group Networking Meetings - In Lesson 2, you'll show your students how to choose networking groups to help cultivate mutually beneficial and productive relationships.

Lesson 3: Take Control of Your Networking - In Lesson 3, you'll explore how your students can set up and run their networking group to maximize their visibility and build their brand through networking.

Lesson 4: Follow Up After Your Networking Meetings - In Lesson 4, you'll discuss how your students can implement an effective follow-up strategy to get the best return on their investment in networking.

 Module 4 - Next Steps

In this final module, you’ll share tips that will help your students continue seeing the best results from their business networking plan.

You’ll also review the course and have your students plan their next action steps, so they can achieve the goals they set for this course.

And here's all the content you'll get!

Student Materials

Course Book (60 pages) – All the content and activity instructions you need to teach a comprehensive course.

Action Guide (36 pages) – A complete set of worksheets that helps your students take action on what they learn in the Course Book, so you’ll have happy, successful students.

Networking Questionnaire (7 pages) – To help your students analyze their last experience of attending a networking event.

Circle of Excellence - A powerful mental exercise (from NLP) that your students can do again and again to build confidence

Networking Tracker (4-tab spreadsheet) – To help your students keep track of all their networking contacts and groups.

Networking Meetings Checklist (2 pages) – Ensure your students have everything in place before they start networking.

Summary Cheat Sheet (18 pages) includes the course's main takeaways, key points, and action steps. You and your students can use it as a quick reference to save time versus having to refer to the course book every time.

Instructor Materials

Slideshow (151 Slides) – Use “as-is” or fire up your recording software and add your narration!

Module Quizzes for each module!

Speaker Notes (in Slide Notes below slides) – Use the script under the slides (in the .pptx) to guide your presentations and recording. Ready to customize for your language.