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If you used DropItToMe, you're probably frustrated that it closed down this summer. Worry no more! Introducing


I have just completed developing a tool for you to collect assignments and any digital file via the cloud and have it sent directly to your Dropbox account (Don't have Dropbox? Get it here.  It's free.)


Here's how it works.  You will have a personalized Web page ( SCHOOL) that will allow students to "drag and drop" a file on to the page.  It will then go to your Dropbox. See a sample site here.


But it gets better.  You can now determine what folder each document is sent to by how the file is named.  Simply have your students name the files beginning with the class period (1, 2, 3, etc.), and it will go to that specific folder.


And, as they say on TV . . .  but wait, there's more!  This tool will also work on mobile devices (ios, Android, etc.).  You students can pull assignments from Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and send them to you via the cloud from their tablet or phone.


Remember, you pay ONCE and use it forever . . . 

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