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Start Your Podcast with Anchor

Start Your Podcast with Anchor

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By now, everyone in business knows that one good way to get their message out to the world is to create their own podcast.  Not surprisingly, business and marketing programs are also testing the waters on podcasting as well. 

Many are investing in mics, cameras, audio, and studio equipment.  And sometimes without knowing whether any of it is necessary.

This means that before a company even publishes an episode, they are often running their podcast at a loss without any hope of recovering any income soon.   And as far as schools are concerned, everyone knows funds are limited—or perhaps nonexistent. But there are solutions to help them get started without any significant expense.

Anchor.FM allows anyone with a smartphone to publish regular episodes of their podcast.  What if there was a way you could give your students access to 20 videos and they'd be up and running on iTunes in an hour or less?

That's what this video series will do for them.  It's a step-by-step video course that walks students through the entire process of recording, processing, and maintaining their podcasts and getting it on any of the relevant networks. 

The following are the topics of the videos. Keep in mind, these are not long videos with the purpose of replacing the teacher and allowing students to watch a video for an entire class period.  The entire series is not much longer than an hour.  NOTE: You have permission to share these videos in any manner that will facilitate effective teaching other than publically posting, such as on YouTube.

  • 0000 - Overview - Anchor-FM (1.25)
  • 0001 - Sign Up and Basic Settings (3.22)
  • 0002 - Creating Cover Art with Canva (2.36)
  • 0003 - Completing Anchor Settings (2.12)
  • 0004 - Anchor Links and Creating an Episode (2.18)
  • 0005 - Using Your Mobile Device for Anchor (1.35)
  • 0006 - Using Your Mobile Device to Create an Episode (2.52)
  • 0007 - Inviting Others to Join You Your Podcast Using Mobile (1.44)
  • 0008 - Desktop Audio Addition to Anchor (5.47)
  • 0009 - Segmenting A Recording (3.06)
  • 0010 - Creating a Trailer Using Desktop (6.34)
  • 0011 - Creating A Trailer with Mobile at the Show Level (4.28)
  • 0012 - Creating Episodes Ahead of Time (3.56)
  • 0013 - Arranging the Order of Episodes (2.58)
  • 0014 - Distribution of Your Podcast (2.34)
  • 0015 - Distribution and Messaging (2.57)
  • 0016 - Adding an Intro and Outro (5.43)
  • 0017 - Recording Your Intro or Outro Using Anchor Desktop (6.23)
  • 0018 - Editing Your Intro or Outro Using Your Mobile Device (2.29)
  • 0019 - Intro and Outro Professionally Created (1.24)
  • 0020 - Transcriptions for Your Podcast (1.57)