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Promobot 365

Promobot 365

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The Promobot is an idea machine... with an almost endless supply of ideas to share with your students! You can share a marketing task every day (or as often as you want) to help your students promote understand how to market and promote a business or service. Or, use the ideas to hep you better market your program, event, DECA Chapter or more (even that part-time gig you have to supplement your teacher income!)


It's easy to use. Just start at the beginning.


The Promobot 365 is great for the novice entrepreneur - those that know very little about "email marketing" or "SEOing a website" (the software shows you some really easy to follow techniques to get you going).


The Promobot is great for those who already KNOW all of that - but want ideas that they had just never thought of (did you know you could put video in an eMail? Think of the possibilities!).


The Promobot is great if you have your own online business.


You get the point.  This is a great product for marketing and perhaps even better for teaching marketing!