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MarketingNOW has a new look and feel, and lots of new features. This WebBook has been developed specifically to teach marketing to high school students.    


This WebBook offers many advantages over the traditional textbook including

  • Cost savings
  • Continuous updating
  • Links to websites, articles, and videos
  • Downloadable activities and assignments
  • Embedded review options such as flashcards and quizzes


In addition, the 2105 version includes a test for each section, as well as a PowerPoint deck to be used for instruction. There are also live Twitter feeds of relevant hashtags, a feed for the MarketingNOW blog and The Leading Edge which introduces new content and concepts to the reader.


Here are a few FAQ's that might save you a little time and effort:


How many log-ins or accounts are included?

      • There are unlimited accounts for the students in your individual school.  Everyone in your program will use the same login credentials!


    When do the accounts expire?

        • Accounts are live for ONE year from the time you place your order.  However, multi-year purchases are available.  Contact us for details:


    Where are the assignments found?

        • Assignments and case studies are linked on the first page of each section.  Use some, all or none.  It's your call.


    Where are the tests and PowerPoint decks?

        • They are on a password protected teacher page.  You will be given the password after you order the WebBook.


    What hardware or operating system must I use?

        • Use any hardware, any operating system, etc.  This is  a web-based book so it is OS and hardware agnostic.


    As always, feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a call at 801-540-0977.









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