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Marketing NOW Case Studies

$ 59.95

These are killer case studies.  The typical three-paragraph case study is fine in most cases.  But what if you really want to challenge your students? What if you want to use a case study as an assessment for a particular topic?  What about an extra credit activity that is truly worthwhile?  We have the answer.

This CD will ship with 10 high quality case studies.  Each is four-pages long.  They include in-depth information and a series of challenging questions. As a BONUS. six of the studies include additional instructional materials that range form worksheets to PowerPoint to audio files of the case.
It took a while to secure the rights to sell these studies, but it was worth the effort.  We have selected an assortment that covers many of the key concepts we teach in our marketing classes.  Check out this list:

*Using the Marketing Mix to Drive Change

  • Parcel Force Worldwide

*Using Promotion to Position a Brand

  • HI-TEC

*Building a Brand in Order to Sustain its Life Cycle

  • Kellogg’s

*Extending the Product Life Cycle

  • Kellogg’s

*Using Sports Marketing to Engage with Consumers

  • KIA

*The Use of Social Media in Promotion

  • National Trust

The Product Life Cycle and Online Fashion

  • ASOS: The Online Fashion Store

Passion in the Marketing Mix

  • DIESEL:  Live, breathe and wear passion

Market leadership in the 3G Market

  • 3: The Market Leader in 3G




*These case studies include additional materials such as shorter versions of the case, worksheets, audio versions, lesson plans, etc. 

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