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Like, Share & Follow: 30 Day Guide to Mastering Social Media Marketing

$ 9.95

Step-by-step and day-by-day you will learn to use social media for marketing and business.  You could modify the content (it is a Word file) to create a 30-day plan for your students.

The package also includes 10 Content Articles and a selection of BONUS articles to be used in any manner you would like.

Table of Contents


Chapter 2: The Art Of Blogging

Day 1: Valuable Content

Day 2: Consistency Is The Best Policy

Day 3: Cliffhanger Headlines

Day 4: The Numbers Game

Day 5: Invest In Plugins

Day 6: Be Social!

Day 7: Showing Credibility

Day 8: E-mail Subscription

Day 9: Building Partnerships

Day 10: Building A Blogging Network

Chapter 3: Getting To Know Facebook

Day 11: Starting Up

Day 12: Letting People Know You

Day 13: Bridging The Gap

Day 14: Developing A Social Strategy

Day 15: Respond, React, And Reengage

Day 16: Be Updated

Chapter 4: All About Twitter

Day 17: The Numbers Game

Day 18: Be Creative

Day 19: High Quality Content

Day 20: Use Images And Videos

Chapter 5: Social Media Marketing via YouTube

Day 21: Create Alluring Videos

Day 22: Make Your Videos Easier To Find

Day 23: Create Your Brand

Day 24: Don’t Forget To Annotate

Day 25: Post Alerts And Bulletins

Day 26: Pay For Ads

Day 27: Creating Links

Day 28: Statistical Review

Day 29: Follow the Trend

Day 30: Invest In Professional Videos



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