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DETOUR: Brainstorming The Million Dollar Idea

DETOUR: Brainstorming The Million Dollar Idea

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This is a resource designed for entrepreneurs in search of "the big idea."  Although developed to be used with an intense focus for 48 hours, it can be easily modified for your high school students.

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Includes eight assignments and a checklist.

Discover the strategies many of the World’s most successful entrepreneurs have used to brainstorm and refine wildly profitable ideas…

    • How to almost instantly know if your idea is worth pursuing.
    • How to research and develop your idea from start to finish – in just one weekend!
    • Got a whole bunch of business ideas? Find out which idea to pursue.
    • Don’t have any ideas? Find out how to brainstorm a million-dollar idea from scratch…
    • How to tell the difference between a simple idea versus a real business opportunity.
    • You’ll discover 7 surefire ways to find out what your market likes to buy.
    • Our formula that reveals how much money your idea is worth.
    • The quick way to find out if people will really buy your product or service.
    • How to build a list of prospects so that you have an audience the day you launch.
    • The difference between a successful startup and one that flops miserably.

Here is the table of contents: 

Module 1: Overview of the 48 Hour Million Dollar Brainstorm

Section A: Introduction: Starting With a Broken Laser Pointer

Module 2: Accelerated Brainstorming and Research

Section A: Introduction: Opening the Door

Section B: Tapping Your Inner Einstein

Section C: Filling Your Bucket in the Ocean

Section D: Reviewing Your Research

Section E: Quick Recap

Module 3: Verify Your Million-Dollar Idea in a Snap

Section A: Introduction: Putting Your Idea Under the Microscope

Section B: Stalk the Search Engines

Section C: Track Traffic Trends

Section D: Swipe Facebook’s Data

Section E. Spy on the Competition

Section F: Quick and Dirty Number Crunching

Section G: Quick Recap

Module 4: Test Your Million Dollar Idea This Weekend

Section A: Introduction: Scattering Dandelion Seeds

Section B: Testing Your Idea Quickly… With Real Customers

Section C: Quick Recap

Module 5: Taking Action as Soon as Possible

Section A: Introduction: Making Room for New Ideas

Section B: Capture Customer Contacts

Section C: Producing Products, Lickety Split

Section D: Building a Bullet Proof Brand

Section E: Quick Recap

Module 6: Conclusion: Is Your Idea Stronger Than an Army?


Includes 8 assignments and a checklist that can be downloaded.

 The entire content is also provided in video format.