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Best Practices, Volume 6

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Here is the latest edition of Best Practices for Marketing Teachers.  Thanks to those who contributed.  There are over 60 activities and over 140 pages.  Can you imagine what we would have if all 4,500+ marketing teachers contributed!

The Marketing Mix

Market  a New Energy Drink

Product Development

The eCreamery

4 P’s of the Marketing Mix Project-Sports & Entertainment


It’s About The Product

Anniversary Inn Project

Revolutionary Product Research

Famous Flops

International Product Planning

Product Modification Project

Failed Product/Product Graveyard

Trade Characters

Sports Product Line Development

Brand Assignment

Create a TV Show

Product Mix PowerPoint Presentation

Product Assignment

Product Life-Cycle Extensions

Cookie Mania

Toy Project

Branding, Packaging, and labeling

The Taste Test

Trash Can Project

Custard Company Business Plan

Design a Billboard

Caveat Emptor: Let The Buyer Beware

Open for Business

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit

Subliminal Advertising

Table Tents

Texarkana Tourism 1

Texarkana Tourism 2

Sales Promotion Project

What is a Promotion?

Putting an Ad Together

Promotional Mix

Sales Promotion Project

Spring is Here . . .  Play Ball!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Promotional Mix Project

Advertising Campaign Planning Sheet

Institutional Advertising Problem

Advertising Slogans

Advertising Campaign Project

Commercials Activity

Cereal Box Project

Commercial Assignment

Ice Cream Project

Promoting Marketing Classes


Everything Has a Price

Pricing-Make a Dress

COSTCO-Marketing Field Experience

You’ve Got Mail

Pricing Cookies

Sports Marketing-Fan Cost Index

Pricing Final Project-Sports & Entertainment

Local Competition and Pricing Strategies

Demand-Supply-Price and Weather Activity

Concessions Project


From Any Place to Your Place

Distribution of Your Product


Channels of Distribution

Student Presentation

Move It!

Distribution Fire Drill

Movie Distribution

Level of Distribution

Channels of Distribution Graphic



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