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MarketingNOW has a new look and feel, and lots of new features. This WebBook has been developed specifically to teach marketing to high school students.    

This WebBook offers many advantages over the traditional textbook including

  • Cost savings
  • Continuous updating
  • Links to websites, articles, and videos
  • Downloadable activities and assignments
  • Embedded review options such as flashcards and quizzes

The best way to get to know this WebBook is to contact us for a free virtual tour.  Call us at 801.540.0977 or email at


I.  It's Everywhere  

II.  Hitting the Target and Adding Value

 III.  Are Customers Really First?

 IV.  The 4 P's . . . or 5 . . . or 6 . . .

V.  It's About the Product

VI.  Promote. Promote. Promote.

VII.  Everything Has a Price

VIII.  From Any Place to Your Place

IX.  Helping Customers Buy

X.  Marketing Research