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Video is King!

Why you should get video whenever possible:

­čÄČ Most┬ástudents are visual learners, meaning that they learn much easier and faster by watching a video, instead of reading a guide

­čÄČ We have made sure to emphasize the most important steps of the process so your students don't miss anything.

­čÄČ┬áStudents can watch the videos quickly and┬áthey┬ácan take in a lot more information in a shorter time span.

­čÄČ The human brain likes to visualize things, and videos are the visualizations ready for you.

­čÄČ Learning complex things is much faster and easier with videos as compared to books.

Each of the products in this collection includes video clips and a single longer video that combine the clips.  Most include additional resources or formats as well--read the individual descriptions for details!

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