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The Ideal Customer Experience Journey (eBook Only)

The Ideal Customer Experience Journey (eBook Only)

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Customer Service is NOT the key to winning lifelong customers

Sure, it's extremely important. Don't get me wrong. But it's the full 'Customer Experience' that really matters.  

What's the Customer Experience?

It's the full range of experiences and the emotions they produce.... at EVERY STEP of your customer's journey with you.

  • From before customers even know who you are
  • Through getting to know you
  • Making their first purchase
  • ....and 'happily ever after'

Here's what you'll teach in The Ideal Customer Experience Journey:

A 47-page Course Book - which gives you content and activity instructions you can use to teach the course.


You'll kickstart the course by giving a quick overview and explaining what students will be able to do by the time they're done so that they're excited to jump in and start learning. 

Module 1 - What is the 'Customer Experience'?   

You'll start by discussing the meaning of the term ‘customer experience’, as defined by different experts. You’ll teach about the different stages that customers go through in their journey with a business. And you'll also talk about a much simpler way to think about the customer’s experience, which will make it easier to map it.

Module 2 - Map Your Current Customer Experience

In Module 2, you’ll jump right in by teaching how to create a big-picture map of the touchpoints a business may currently have with their customer and the different types of experiences they now offer. This isn’t about creating a complex infographic that needs 10 professional graphic artists. The map will work for even the most basic business.

Module 3 - The Key Elements of an Ideal Customer Experience

In Module 3, you’ll explore a range of ways your students can create an ideal customer experience. You'll look at what some top companies do to make that ideal a reality. And, you’ll have your students answer some essential questions that drive everything they'll do moving forward.

Module 4 - Map Your Business’s Ideal Customer Experience 

Now it’s time to really get down to business. In Module 4, you’ll help your students describe exactly what type of experience they want their customers to have, no matter where their customers are in their journey. And, of course, they'll start identifying what they need to do to make it happen.

Module 5 - Identify and Prevent Potential Breakdown Points 

No matter how simple or complex a business is, we all have some touchpoints with customers that are more sensitive than others. In Module 5, you'll look at some common trouble spots where businesses can lose a customer. You’ll help your students figure out where their potential breakdown points are, and then plan for how to prevent them.

Conclusion and Next Steps  

By this point, your students have done some real hands-on work in mapping how they'll create an ideal customer experience in general, or for a specific business you are using for this unit. In the concluding module, you’ll spend some time reviewing what they learned, and you’ll have them put together a checklist and action plan for moving forward to success. 

And to teach the program above, here’s exactly what you’ll get in The Ideal Customer Experience Journey: