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Build Your Unique Personal Brand

Build Your Unique Personal Brand

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Build Your Unique Personal Brand - Contents List


  • Introduction
  • Module 1 – Why Do You Need a Personal Brand?
  • Module 2 – Clarify Your Vision for Your Personal Brand
  • Module 3 – Define Your Personal Values
  • Module 4 – Craft Your Personal Brand Message
  • Module 5 – Develop Your Brand’s Visual Style
  • Module 6 – Refine Your Brand Communication Style
  • Module 7 – Assemble Your Branding Pack
  • Module 8 – Select Your Brand Communication Channels
  • Module 9 – Use Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand
  • Module 10 – Manage Your Personal Brand Online and Offline
  • Module 11 – Leverage Your Personal Brand through Your Network
  • Module 12 - Review and Refine

Learning Objectives

The following are the learning objectives your students will achieve when you teach the course on Build Your Unique Personal Brand as shown in the Course Book.

By the time you complete the course, you will be able to:

Explore the importance of having a personal brand and identify where you can improve your existing brand, so you can start building a personal brand that reflects how you want to be known

Clarify a vision for your personal brand, so that you know exactly where you’re headed with your branding goals

Define who you are and what you want to represent with your brand, so that you can share the best of yourself with your audience

Craft a brand message that incorporates your unique value, so that you reach the right people and they are clear on the benefits you can offer them

Develop the visual style of your personal brand, so you present a coherent identity that’s immediately recognizable

Communicate your brand through your words and behaviors, so you are consistent with the message you project

Compile a branding pack to guide how you present yourself to the world, so you have the tools needed to implement your personal brand and move your business forward

Select the best channels for communicating your personal brand message, so you reach the widest audience possible with your content

Ensure you use your time on social media effectively to build your personal brand, so you engage with your audience without eating up all your time

Manage and monitor your brand image online and offline, so you retain a responsible and reliable reputation that inspires your audience’s trust

Leverage your network to grow your personal brand and identify new opportunities, so you build relationships with those who can help you grow your business and increase your influence

Consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action steps, so you can achieve the goals you set for this course.

Student Materials

Build Your Unique Personal Brand Coursebook (83 pages)

Action Guide (36 pages - To use alongside the activities outlined in the Course Book)

Core Values Exercise – Use together with the Action Guide to narrow down your core values

How Others See Me Exercise – Use together with the Action Guide to find out how others see you in the world.

Course Summary Cheat Sheet (44 pages – A high-level overview of each module of the course)

Graphics (27 colorful graphics that are used in the coursebook and slideshow, .pdf, .ppt & .png)

Build Your Unique Personal Brand Course Overview Infographic (.pptx, .pdf & .png)

➢ Slides Handout (full course package only)

Instructor Materials

Slideshow (221 Slides in .ppt)

Speaker Notes (in Slide Notes section and separate Word doc)