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The Digital TA

The Digital TA

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This just became your favorite website. And here is why!

  • Lifetime access
  • Includes all updates and new tools at no additional charge!
  • It comes loaded with tools:
    • Marketing Gets Personal
    • Random Marketing
    • Either/Or
    • Brands4You
    • Rewind
  • Access to an unlimited # of students. (with the same log-in credentials)
  • Use with your existing content and activities
  • Use the included assignments


Marketing Gets Personal

Mass marketing died quite some time ago.  The move toward personalized marketing is firmly entrenched in the world of business.  The amount of customer data available, combined with digital technology, allows for detailed targeting.

The demographic and psychographics of a specific target audience will influence marketing mix decisions.  Your target audience will affect the price you charge for a product or service.  Distribution varies depending on your customers' particular buying habits and character traits.  Decisions about where and how you promote your brand will change based on your potential buyer.  Even the specific product attributes, or those you choose to emphasize, will vary based on your personas.

Marketing Gets Personal provides the traits and insights regarding six different families and two other individuals. These are to be used as the focus for making marketing mix decisions.  

Random Marketing

Random Marketing adds an element of chance--or gamification--to your teaching.  With this tool, you (or your students) can randomly select a "faux" brand, target audience, and/or element of promotion for an assignment. You can randomly select these components for individual students, groups, or for an entire class activity.  And of course, we have included several assignments to make life a bit easier for you!


Brands4You offers your students several options for "clients."  Included is a brief description of the product/service and several brand assets that can be downloaded.  These brands take the place of having students "pick a business." Now, you know the materials they create for their client will be 100% original--because there is nothing on the internet to copy! New brands will be added periodically.

In each of my marketing classes, I have students select a brand for which they will be the account manager, digital marketing director, etc.  Students focus their creative efforts on the same brand throughout the year. Somewhat surprisingly, they become "connected" to their faux brand!


It's like Would You Rather. Students are provided two options, and they explain their decision.

In each of these use cases, you should project the website to be visible to the class. While it can be used without projecting, I believe this arrangement makes it more "real." 

  • Deal a card and have the students discuss their choice.
  • Deal a card and have the students split into two groups and "debate" the answer.
  • Split the class into two groups. Deal a card and assign each group one of the choices (there is much to be learned by defending a position you are assigned!)


Your students can review the class terminology on demand. Currently includes a variety of review methods and the following topics:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event/Sports Sponsorship
  • Digital Marketing
  • Promotion

More to come . . .