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Random Marketing

Random Marketing

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This unique website provides your students with an opportunity to test their marketing knowledge and skills.

The site provides a collection of hypothetical brands (from Brands4You) and various target audiences (from Marketing Gets Personal).
The brands include:
  • Aveeka Personal Care
  • Grand America Credit Union
  • Patriot Cruises
  • Perfect Pizza
  • Rocket Energy
  • Western University
  • Zooom Apparel

Each brand includes a brief description and a variety of brand assets to be used in assignments.

The eight target audiences and accompanying profiles provide realistic potential customers for assignments.

Individually or as a class, you spin the wheel to get a random brand and spin a separate wheel to get the random target audience. Then, simply click on the selected assignment and get to work.

All assignments include the use of both random brands and target audiences. Here is a sample assignment.

Your purchase is for a lifetime site license for unlimited use in your building. And, I reserve the right to add more brands, target audiences, and assignments!