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NIL Assignment & Project Bundle

NIL Assignment & Project Bundle

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This bundle includes a collection of assignments/projects related to the Name, Image, and Likeness opportunities in college sports.

The topics are taken from an article by MAVRCK.  The article listed ten ways for companies to partner with NIL athletes.  I have created an assignment to go with these ideas (including the thinly veiled promotional effort of the last assignment.)

Here is a list of assignments/projects:

  • Make an NIL Athlete a Cornerstone of Your Ambassador Campaign
  • Provide NIL Athletes with a Tracking Code to Drive Affiliate Purchases
  • Ask an NIL Athlete to Provide a Rating or Review for Your Brand
  • Have An NIL Athlete Host a Live Broadcast
  • Have an NIL Athlete Attend and Promote an Event Hosted by Your Brand
  • Find NIL Athletes with Non-Sports Niche Interests
  • Letting NIL Athletes Run an Account Takeover with Your Brand
  • Use an NIL Athlete for a Holiday Campaign
  • Activate NIL Creators During an Awareness Month
  • Activating NIL Athletes at Scale with Mavrck

The assignments are fairly challenging.  Some are set up to have your student “DO” the activity.  My thought process behind the assignments is:  Make them challenging and somewhat complex.  Then, provide them in a Word document so you, the teacher, can modify them to meet your students' needs, interests, and abilities.

There is also the issue of submitting the results or the “deliverables.”  Most are asking for essays, reflections, etc.  They are fine, but not always the best or most exciting way for students to show what they have learned.

To help you out, here are some other options that can be assigned or selected by the students on many of the assignments:

  • Create a talking presentation using Canva
  • Create an Infographic
  • Use Powtoons for a presentation
  • Communicate the materials with a series of social media posts
  • Presentation on Prezi
  • (presentations, interactive presentations, gamification)
  • Flip (audio contributions by industry experts)
  • Movie poster, book cover
  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Whiteboard on Canva
  • AI presentation using
  • Expaliner video