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Brands4You (Lifetime site license)

Brands4You (Lifetime site license)

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The search is over!

When I first started teaching social media marketing, I wanted to make it a "real" experience. So, as you might expect, I had students create social media accounts and post the materials they created in class.

Just one problem. Target did not appreciate the flood of 50% off coupons coming into the store that originated on one of my student sites!
What could I do to make it real but stay on the good side of Target? (yes, my wife is a frequent shopper at Target!).

Here it is . . . Brand4You. This new website provides a handful of totally fake brands (or faux if you like the sound of that better). The brands include an energy drink, pizza restaurant, skincare solutions, a credit union, cruise line, athletic apparel, and a university (specifically the athletic department). I will add more brands over time.

Each brand includes a brief description and collection of brand assets that can be downloaded and used anywhere and in any way!


In addition to using the brands for any of your current assignments, the site includes the following assessments to use with your students: