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The File

The File

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I will pay you to subscribe!

A subscription to The File means you will have a new assignment or activity delivered to your email box every week (well, I am taking a Christmas Break, so 50 deliveries!).  

The assignments will include links to a specific article, video, or website that is the basis for the assignment.  So . . . they are both current and relevant.  And they will be a bit more rigorous than a word search or review questions.

Be one of the first 100 to order and get your share of $15,000 in free resources with a $150 gift code that can be used to purchase the Resource Bundles of your choice! In other words, I am paying you--ONE DOLLAR-- to subscribe!


What format: Generally Word documents.  You may upload them to Google Docs if you wish.  I also may experiment with fillable PDF files.

What topics: Anything related to marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, sports marketing, entrepreneurship, and general business.

What day: I will generally send the document to you on a Monday. But you know how life as a teacher is (yes, I still teach full time) so there may be times when it arrives on a different day :)