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Blogging Mastery

Blogging Mastery

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Here's what you'll teach in Blogging Mastery...


You'll start off by discussing modern trends in blogging and what the most successful, influential bloggers are doing today. You'll take a close look at what’s not working in today’s blogosphere and what your students' metrics tell them should be going on with their blog.

Module 1 - Define Your Audience

The reader profile, or avatar, is often a very confusing concept for bloggers (and copywriters, business people, and authors). In Module 1, you reveal the key to unlocking this secret without breaking a sweat. By the end of this module, your clients will know exactly who they're writing for and how to pinpoint the things their readers want to hear about in their blogs.

Module 2 - Create Captivating and Shareable Content

Module 1 made reader profiles much easier than your students ever found them before. Now you'll take them into the nitty-gritty of content creation, You'll show them how to break out of their 'quantity' mindset and focus on the quality of their content. You'll also go into the all-important formatting that makes pro content stand out from the posts that earn amateurs nothing but silence and bounces in the blogosphere.

Module 3 - Share Your Posts for Maximum Reach and Engagement

You've gone into some depth about how your clients can find their ideal reader and create stellar content, so now you'll move on to social media. This is where your clients will have fun interacting with their readers while also getting their content out there. You'll show your students ways to automate their social media syndication using some effective tools, and how to combine their efforts with the tools the pro marketers use for the highest ROI in digital marketing.

Module 4 - How to Monetize and Turn Your Blog into a Profit-Making Business 

By this point, you’ve helped your students clearly define their niche, their reader, their content creation plan, and their social marketing strategy. In this module, you’ll show your clients different ways to monetize their content and their interactions with their readers and followers. You'll help your clients understand how their readers make a decision to buy, and how to discover the gold in their blog content and turn it into cash.

Module 5 - Create Consistent Blogging Habits

Everything you have taught so far is a foundation that needs consistent application. In Module 5, you’ll show your clients how to create strong writing habits and structure a process that works for them. Blogging is not a one-size-fits-all pastime and without creating a process that suits their specific strengths and weaknesses, your students' hard work will continue to be undiscovered greatness.

Conclusion and Next Steps

In this final module, you’ll have them take all the work they've done in the course and create their final action plan, complete with to-do items and deadlines. By the time they're done, they'll be ready and eager to implement their new skills and strategy.

And to teach the program above, here’s exactly what you’ll get in Blogging Mastery:

Part 1: Course Content for Your Customers

  • A 43 - page Course Book - which gives you content and activity  instructions you can use to create a self-study course, eCourse, or online or offline workshop
  • Action Guide - which helps your students take action on what they learn, so you’ll have happy, successful customers 
  • A 21 - Page Cheat Sheet - which you and your students can quickly reference to save time, versus having to refer to the book every time (students love these!) 
  • Top Tips for Formatting a Blog Post that People Will Read - Infographic in .pptx, .pdf & .png - which gives your visual students a handy reference when writing new posts 
  • 9 colorful graphics that are used in the coursebook and slideshow, .pptx, .pdf & png
  • A List of Tools for Blogging - add your own recommendations and affiliate links here for some passive income, while giving your students something they love... resource lists!
  • Handouts of All of the Presentation Slides - so they can follow along, take notes, and refer back to the material later...all you have to do is hit ‘send’ or ‘print’