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Best Practices Bundle

Best Practices Bundle

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Over 1,000 pages!

Over the past several years I have collected assignments and activities from marketing teachers across the country.  

Here's how it worked:  Everyone who contributed was sent ALL of the submissions.  Then, I sold the collection to everyone who wanted them--but did not make a contribution.  I did that seven times.

Well, it's time to clean house.

The Best Practices Bundle includes over 1,000 pages of activities and assignments.  Some are very good.  Some are OK.  And yes, believe it or not, there are a few that are terrible!  These were collected over the past 10+ years.  There is a little of everything, but primarily marketing-related.

Take them and make adjustments or changes to fit your needs.

After your purchase, you will get a document with a link to download the entire file!