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Project Management Made Easy (eBook only)

Project Management Made Easy (eBook only)

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Here's what you'll teach in Project Management Made Easy: 

A Course Book (40 pages), which gives you and your students all the information they need for learning how to apply a project management process.

There are 4 modules in the course plus an Introduction and a Conclusion in which your customers do some action planning.

Introduction: You'll give your students an overview of the course and cover learning objectives, so they know exactly what they will be able to do by the end of the course and be excited to get started.

Module 1 – How Project Management Works: You'll explain the benefits of following project management principles so that your students see how it can keep a business healthy and clients happy.

Module 2 – Project Stages for Small and Medium Projects: You'll explain the 3 key stages to all projects so that your students will be ready to apply them to a DECA project of their choice during the course.

Module 3 – Develop a Project Plan: You'll guide your students through the 4 components of creating a project plan, so they'll have a repeatable process they can use for all projects in the future (even beyond the DECA project!).

Module 4 – Develop an Implementation Plan to Monitor Your Progress: You'll help students create a detailed implementation plan, focusing on communication, so they can ensure their project is ready for competition.

Module 5 – Project Review and Closure Activities: You'll provide the key project review and closure activities your students need to do, so they can demonstrate results and create a winning project.

Conclusion and Next Steps: Finally, you'll review what was learned and guide participants through their DECA project.