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How to Create Your Business Growth Plan

How to Create Your Business Growth Plan

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Everything you need to teach your students  How to Create Your Business Growth Plan.

It's easy to get stuck at one level in your business.  

You do the same thing day in and day out and rarely find the time to plan for the future.  

But the most successful businesses make a specific plan that lays out their roadmap for growth.

They know where they want to go and what they need to do to get there.  

It doesn't take a lot of time to create a clear, simple growth plan.  

In fact, since the business climate is always changing, it doesn't make sense to spend days creating a business plan that will be irrelevant in a few months time. 

Instead, sit down every so often and just go through where you are now and where you want to be.  

Then decide what you're going to do to get there.  

Sound too easy to be true?  

It's just a matter of walking through a step-by-step process. And that's exactly what we cover in our course on how to Create Your Business Growth Plan.  

You’ll have your students take a look at the key areas of their business, and then make some decisions about what they want to do going forward. Everyone will come away with a completed Business Growth Plan, along with an action plan and clear deadlines for the next steps. 

Here is what is covered in this resource:




You'll kickstart the course by giving a quick overview and explaining what people will be able to do by the time they're done so that they're excited to jump in and start learning.

Module 1 - Reconnect With The “Why?” Of Your Business  

In Module 1, you'll help your students remember the reasons why they are in business and their aims for business growth so that they can reconnect with their motivations.

Module 2 - Revisit Your Ideal Customer  

If your students want to grow their business, they must be absolutely sure that the customer they've been selling to is the same one they want to sell to in the future. In Module 2, you'll help them reaffirm their ideal target market and specify their ideal customer profile so that they know exactly who to market to.

Module 3 - Clarify Your Current Profit Picture  

Expanding a business might involve some financial investment. In Module 3, you'll dig deeper and help your students get a snapshot of their business's financial situation right now, so that they understand the resources available to them going forward.

Module 4 – Reveal Your Strength Assets  

We don’t always spend enough time analyzing what works well in our businesses. In Module 4, you'll show your students how to define what they do well as a business so that they recognize what already works for them.

Module 5 – Pin Down Your Business Weaknesses  

There are always elements of our businesses that we’re not great at. In Module 5, you'll guide your students through assessing the places in their business where they aren’t performing strongly so that they can take steps to lessen or eliminate those weaknesses and with some attention, turn them into strengths.

Module 6 - Uncover Your Hidden Opportunities  

Though it may not seem obvious to your students, there will be areas within their business that they can leverage for growth. In Module 6, you'll walk your students through how to identify their business opportunities to see where growth can come from so that they can tap into any hidden potential.

Module 7 – Tackle the Threats to Your Business  

Every business encounters threats that come from the competitive landscape in which they operate. In Module 7, you'll show your students how to flag the external conditions that could hinder their business growth, so that they are aware of what they need to do to mitigate them.

Module 8 – Explore Your Marketing Potential  

As your students' business grows, the future direction of their marketing strategy is crucial. In Module 8, you'll walk your students through analyzing their current marketing and its effectiveness, so that they know what to focus their efforts on going forward.

Module 9 – Assess Your Team’s Development  

However big or small your students' team is currently, now is a good time to take stock. In Module 9, you'll have your students review how their current team members are working individually and together so that they can identify changes to make for greater productivity.

Module 10 – Reconsider Your Business Processes and Tools  

Efficient processes and tools will make your students' work go smoothly and help with successful outsourcing too. In Module 10, you'll show your students how to examine their current business processes and tools to assess if they’re delivering what they need and to make sure they have the most up-to-date systems.

Module 11 – Create Your Business Growth Plan  

Now it’s time for your students to bring everything together and create a plan for the changes they need in order to grow. In Module 11, you'll walk your students through putting together a comprehensive Business Growth Plan for the next 12 months that will guide and support their success goals.

Module 12 - Review and Refine

In this final module, your students will complete their Business Growth Plan with their key metrics and milestones. You'll also review what your students have learned and have them think about identifying their next steps, so they can achieve the goals set for this course.

Materials included in this package:

Student Materials:

Course Book: 59 pages of content and activity instructions you need to teach the content to your students.

Create Your Business Growth Plan - Action Guide: A complete set of worksheets that helps your students take action on what they learn. 

Create Your Business Growth Plan - Cheat Sheet: A 29-page course overview, which includes the main takeaways, key points, and action steps from each module of the course

You'll also get the following . . .

Business Growth Plan Template: a detailed worksheet for your students to bring together all the elements of their growth plan in organized stages.

Business Growth Plan Financial Forecast Spreadsheet: a detailed spreadsheet for your students to forecast for different financial scenarios as they grow. (Your students need this info to decide how much they're willing and able to invest in growth).

Handouts of All of the Presentation Slides: so participants can follow along, take notes, and refer to the material later.

Teacher Materials:

Slide Deck: 162 slides, which give you a ready-made presentation for your classroom.

Speaker Notes: You'll find your notes both under the slides AND in a separate document.