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  • $ 9.99

    16 X 100 . . .(Digital Download)

      Here are 16 different "100 Tips, Strategies and Tactics"  eBooks. There is a list below of the contents of this collection.  You will like some, but may not find much of a need for others.  I don't want to be like the beverage bottler who puts together a mixed...
  • $ 39.95

    Best Practices Vol.1-6

    That's right.  All six volumes in one easy download. 
  • $ 9.95

    Best Practices, Volume 6

    Here is the latest edition of Best Practices for Marketing Teachers.  Thanks to those who contributed.  There are over 60 activities and over 140 pages.  Can you imagine what we would have if all 4,500+ marketing teachers contributed! The Marketing Mix Market  a New Energy Drink Product Development The eCreamery...
  • $ 9.74

    Best Practices, Volume 7

    Here is another file of over 100 documents from your fellow marketing and business teachers across the country.   I don't edit; I aggregate!  So there are many you will like, some you will love, and some you will delete.  It all depends on what you are looking for.  You will receive...
  • $ 49.95

    eBook Collection

    This collection (delivered digitally) includes digital ebooks that you can use in a variety of ways. I have secured copyright clearance for distribution, and you may legally duplicate these items within your program.  NOTE:  I will randomly add new eBooks to this product and you will get an email notification...
  • $ 14.95

    Marketing Monthly Subscription (Begins October 2017)

    It doesn't get any better than this.  Each month you will receive a selection of new resources.  Social Media, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Motivational, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and the list goes on.     The new resources will normally include ebooks. However, you will also get screen capture...
  • $ 59.95

    Marketing NOW Case Studies

    These are killer case studies.  The typical three-paragraph case study is fine in most cases.  But what if you really want to challenge your students? What if you want to use a case study as an assessment for a particular topic?  What about an extra credit activity that is truly...
  • $ 99.95

    The Digital Collection Updated 4/2016)

    I let all the original items and added a boatload more.  And for the same low price! Get the "best of both" of our new products.  This CD come s with EVERYTHING in the eBook Collection as well as ALL of the Marketing NOW Case Study collection.  In addition, we...